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MPR Construction
Remodelling your homes since 1998
When it comes to a remodel, custom home, or handyman project, everyone wants the same basic assurances - that the project will be completed on time, on budget and with the least amount of stress for the owner. MPR Construction consistently delivers on this promise, managing the construction process from pre-planning through final site clean-up. Along the way, we keep the project on track, manage subcontractors, anticipate obstacles and provide proactive solutions-- all while giving regular updates to the client.

Since 1998, MPR has completed a wide variety of renovation and custom home projects, both large and small. We believe successful remodel and new construction projects result from careful listening, detailed planning and competent execution. Our goal is to meet and exceed client needs, increase projects efficiencies within budget and on schedule.

MPR Construction has the skills, experience, staff and resources to complete restoration, reconstruction, remodeling, and new construction projects in the residential arena. Whether you desire to design and build from the ground up, remodel and improve an existing home, or simply change a light fixture, MPR Construction is Houston's best choice.

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